As a novice Londoner and at best amateur runner this blog is an outsider’s attempt to get under the skin of London, step outside of my comfort zone by running faster, further and in more exciting places.

The best way to discover a city is not the underground system, despite the many anecdotes that may ensue and the inevitable feeling of community and inclusiveness that somehow stems from getting up close and personal with your compadres whilst you fixedly avoid eye contact.  I‘d wager it’s actually on foot and looking up.  The basis of this is the discovery of a resident Rhea* in the midst of the Fife countryside in my penultimate year of University.  

Expect new weekly routes, new running tracks and sparkling commentary as I navigate these streets of gold, dodge angry commuters, escape muggers, struggle to meet my target of running the Warwick Castle Half Marathon under 2 hours, and complain bitterly about self-inflicted injuries and air pollution.

With these aims in mind it’s time to run with this idea…

*Or Emu. Probably not an Ostrich.


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