Regents Park – what you need to know and may have missed

This Mecca of running in North London is the best known, and some might argue, most over used running route in NW1. But it beats the streets and offers a lot of variety.

The highlights The boating lake, Regents Park The boating lake

Calm, flat and well frequented. Plenty of bridges leave lots of options for varying your route.

Drinking taps

Located in the toilets around the corner from the boating lake – pretty rare to come across, completely free, well looked after and save you carrying round a bottle.

The gardens

Formal gardens may not be designed for runners, but are full of colour. The nagging feeling of working out in Versailles is worth the sharp turns. Weave in an around the fountains, tree-lined paths and bedding flowers before rejoining the main route. These are also great for anybody looking for benches etc to stretch on.

The zoo

Elephants, giraffes and ant eaters are among the fauna spotted from the path – and it’s not every running route that offers that

The running track

The 400m athletics track tends to be very quiet. It’s fenced off from the road, kept in decent condition and is incredibly peaceful. Wedged between Regents Park, Primrose Hill and the canal, it couldn’t be better connected. Use it to add some mileage to your run, work on interval training or fit in some time trials.

Do: check for regular Park Runs

Don’t: be surprised by running clubs, toddlers, footballers, dogs (the list goes on) getting in the way

Getting there: one of the most connected green spaces in North London, the nicest approach is via the canal, especially at peak times

Length: any


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