Regents Canal end to end

Regents Canal is one of the longest stretches in London where you can run car and traffic free. The stretch from the river up to Camden Town alone is 11km, and either end can be reached by overground or tube. Arriving at Shadwell on a Sunday morning is the ideal time to take in Limehouse Basin with nobody around, and start the run North.

The canal here lets you into the back door of Hackney – from Victoria park to Dalston’s darker side and the shiny new flats springing up in the East.

Best of all it’s flat, save for a few slopes around the locks.
Limehouse Basin to Camden

The tricky part comes in Islington where the canal goes through the longest canal tunnel in Europe, with no pedestrian path. Leave the canal, cross Upper Street and follow White Lion Street until you hit the park. Take a right until you see the Canal on your left.

Navigating Regents Canal at AngelOne last tip is to enjoy the wooden walkway down the centre of the canal between Royal College Street and Kings Cross – the temporary structure is a work around for building, but a pretty unique experience while it lasts.

Do: enjoy the sites

Don’t: panic at Angel

Length: 11km + 

Getting there: Starting at the Thames, take the overground to Shadwell, follow the signs from there.



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