Regents Park

From 15 minutes to 15 km.  A myriad of routes, enough combinations of paths, turns and vistas to satisfy the most bored runner, or at least those who want the thrill of the new without sacrificing the comfort of the known – what’s not to love? True, there have been instances in the past where this park hasn’t been the safest place to run, but the community of runners here certainly makes it less risky than it was.

Regents Park

There is undoubtedly a reason why this particular Royal Park attracts such a great footfall.  From Primrose Hill to Mornington Crescent, it’s accessible and undaunting.  No tiny pathways, choke points or inconvenient hills.  Just unadulterated tarmac and grass, with a generous sprinkling of trees, greenery and ponds to cushion the city skyline.

There’s little point including a map, there being little to uncover here.  Wander away, and use the skyscrapers for orientation, and you’ll easily clock up as many km as you need, and that, I suppose, is the beauty of this adaptable Royal Park.



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