A homerun

A candid review of the latest route

The sights: Idyllic advert for English Country Cottages.
Benefits: Great for trail running, hills, and variable terrain.
Traffic: A distant tractor
Pedestrians: None. Not even a cow.
Navigability: Not foolproof

In the run up to the big move and in an attempt to put the f  into funemployment I’ve set myself – and forced an inadvertent accomplice – the goal of completing a 10k circuit before I leave.

Taking advantage of the Leicestershire country routes, and because the wheat is over head height pre-harvest – we ventured into the fields on a route recon mission. Fortunately, there were no cows to contend with, just nettles and trails.

Running in circles is rarely satisfying. Running in squares even less so, especially when it’s unintentional.

The nuts and bolts:

  1. Beginning at the Scraptoft Lane mini roundabout head along Covert Lane. Follow the footpath sign down through the field (about 20m after the junction).
  2. Keep to the beaten track until you reach the stream. Leap, or scramble, over.
  3. Again, keep to the edge until you reach the houses. Avoiding the temptation to return to civilisation continue across the next turnstile keeping the hedgerow on your left until you cross the concrete bridge.
  4. Cross over into the RHS field, following the hedge on your right until you reach the yellow marker. Take a 90 degree turn and head up the hill.

A slow 5k - navigation fail
A slow 5k – navigation fail

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